About Stacie

Stacie Renee Brown is a mother, writer, and legal assistant. She lives in small-town, Texas with her fiancé, son, and two dogs.

Stacie is a member of the Writers’ League of Texas. She is working on two fiction novels–a romantic suspense and a contemporary romance.

Stacie’s publications and awards include:

Stacie’s hobbies include writing, reading, and spending time with friends and family. Her interests include gardening, genealogy, motherhood/parenting, animals/pets, billiards, budgeting, living frugally, self-sufficiency, survivalist/prepping (not the hardcore we’re-all-gonna-die type, but the be-smart-and-prepare-for-anything type), and anything creative, unique, or thought-provoking. However, nothing beckons quite like writing does.

That’s why she’s here.


13 thoughts on “About Stacie

  1. Wow. What an exciting life! You go girl. That was impressive. Cheers.

  2. Stacie, this is a great site. I look forward to reading your work. I wonder how many other folks in class are blogging. It might make for an interesting addition to class. Thanks for sharing this.

    • You’re welcome. Thanks for following me.

      I enjoy blogging; it provides an outlet, as I’m sure you’d agree. I do not know if others in the class are blogging, but I think many could benefit from this experience as long as they understand the etiquette.

      Thanks for reading. I like hearing from more experienced writers, and I look forward to your input.

  3. Hi Stacie! I love your blog and all the posts and tips you share so i thought I’d nominate you for the “Very Inspiring Blogger Award’! To find out more just check the post on my blog. Thank you:)

  4. you live a full, complete life. enjoy every second!

  5. Not cringing at all. I can recognize a pun when I see it!

  6. Hey, Stacie! Thanks for following Terribly Write. I hope to see some comments from you soon!

    • Hi, Laura! You’re most certainly welcome. Thanks so much for putting this information “out there.” There are too many people in the world that don’t know proper punctuation or how to spell correctly. I will admit that I’m nowhere near perfect when it comes to spelling and punctuation, but I give it my best (and I know how to spell definitely).

      Also, as I work to get my blog up to speed, I will be linking to your page on my blogroll! 🙂

      Keep up the fantastic work!

      • Thanks again, Stacie! You’re doing a great job with your blog. No one expects a blogger to be perfect — except if they’re paid by one of the largest Internet company in the world; then they ought to be near-perfect.

      • Thanks for the pat on the back. It came at just the write time. 🙂 Sorry, I couldn’t help myself. I can picture you cringing right now!

        Seriously, thank you.

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