Sleeping with Electronics

Tsk, tsk, you dirty minds. I’m speaking only of sleeping.

Picture this. I’m laying in bed, laptop on my lap, typing away. I’ve got my iPad on one side, iPhone on the other, a desktop computer glaring from the end table, Xbox running, giant TV on in front.

Now I ask you, since when did electronics become our snuggle buddies? Isn’t that the job of our pets? Our children? Our–gasp–significant other?

Maybe your pets do snuggle with you. Ours don’t, simply because three of them live outside, and our little Pookie dog “smells a bit, but has a heart of gold.” I refuse to bathe her; she’s only my step-dog, after all.

Our son does get the privilege of being my little snuggle-buggle, sometimes. Bad dreams and sickness have their advantages, but we try not to make it a habit.

Electronics do offer heat (an equivalent to warmth) and novelty (everyone likes newness). They do not, however, offer love. That is up to the pets, the children, the significant other.

And that is why, after a long day of staring at some type of screen, it’s nice to put the electronics away and snuggle with my significant other.

I can’t sleep with electronics, now can I? You know what I’m talking about.

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2 thoughts on “Sleeping with Electronics

  1. great post

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