Here’s to You, Mom

Growing up, my mom was always waaayyyy cooler than me. I had friends, sure, but all my friends were her friends too (the ones she liked anyway).

Later in my high school years, it was common to hear “Is your mom gonna be there?” “Your mom’s awesome.” “You think your mom will like me?”

For the most part, though, she stayed out of my friend circle unless it came to school stuff. There were many times she stood up for my entire class when someone was over-riding the class’s vote for something. My friends respected her opinion. She championed them, she counseled them, she stood up for them, she understood them. She had been there; I was still there.

I didn’t mind my mom being my friends’ friend. Still don’t. My mom is pretty awesome–tough as nails, determined, spirited, speaks her own mind, thoughtful, good-natured, clever, wise. I could go on for days about how great my mom is. She’s overcome a lot of obstacles in her life and all that know-how makes her such a wonderful person.

Most people don’t want to be like their moms. They loathe the idea. They sometimes even fear it. Though I think this is sad, I feel lucky to have such a super-duper mom to want to be like.

I can only hope to be half as great a mom as my mom is.

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