Romance, HEA, and Life

I write romance. I picked this genre because I read romance. I don’t so much care for the lovey-dovey aspect of it; I generally dislike PDA and sappy, melt-when-it-rains, sweetness. I don’t have time for that sort of thing, and life doesn’t happen like that anyway, unless you are a teenager wrapped in the throes of puppy love. Even then, shit happens.

Life happens.

I read other things, of course. I love a good suspense or crime drama because I like puzzles. CLUE was one of my favorite games as a child. The whodunnit mystery is what keeps us guessing and turning the pages. The thrill of solving the puzzle makes us, as readers, feel good about ourselves.

The HEA’s in romance make us feel good about ourselves, too, which is ultimately why I picked this genre (Hell, I picked romance even before I knew what HEA stood for, silly me. I suppose that doesn’t really matter since I did, at least, grasp the concept. It means Happily Ever After, by the way.). I knew long before I decided on romance that I enjoy making people feel good, helping others, and encouraging others to live the life they wish (if you haven’t noticed). Perhaps I should consider writing inspirational novels…but I digress, that’s another blog post.

LIFE was another favorite game of mine as a child, mainly because in that “life,” you got what you wanted, especially when your sister let you cheat (and even when she didn’t). True, actual life isn’t always happily-ever-after. But, if I can make my readers feel like it is, if only for a brief moment in the span of their lives, then I have done my job as a writer.

Now, if only I can figure out how to describe everything I see as the scenes play in my mind, I might have something here. At least then I’ll have more to work with when I cut 10% of it in the edit.

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2 thoughts on “Romance, HEA, and Life

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