5 Things Not To Say To A Writer

Seriously. ‘Nuff said.

Dreams of the Purple Koala

A similar topic trended on Twitter recently, and I thought I’d post the two I tweeted and bring it up to five. There are many, many more I’m sure.

1. When are you going to get that published? — There’s a giant verbal question mark clothed in an exclamation point stabbing the end of this one, so it comes across as more accusation than the product of a mildly inquiring mind. As if a snap of fingers or Samanthalike wiggle of nose makes publishers fall all over themselves to snap up your manuscript. Granted, the onset of epublishing has shifted the paradigm in a number of ways, but for many writers it hasn’t moved to the top of their wish list. The only answer that won’t lead to a round of defensive attack and clueless counterattack involves a polite smile and the words “I’m working on it.” My tweet of…

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