Viva la Revolution!

Writers unite and share the love!

Kristen Lamb writes:

We Are Not Alone!

Social media is, above all else, social. It is a community. So what I would like to do is extend this little community we have here on the blog on to Twitter. We all need love–writer love, blog love, or even just friend love. The Internet can be a scary place if you are doing this by yourself. Well, now you don’t have to. We are going to be your adoptive Internet family….your Twibe.

Join the Love Revolution! Twitter hashtag #MyWANA.

Let’s keep those spirits up! Follow me on Twitter @StacieBrownTX.

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2 thoughts on “Viva la Revolution!

  1. Hey Stacie,

    Aagh, twitter. Something I haven’t gotten into yet. I am a member of a couple of WANA tribes, developed by Kristen. Have you checked those out?

    • I haven’t gotten the chance to fully look into them, but I do love the concept.

      I just started Twitter yesterday; I thought it certainly couldn’t hurt my platform. 😉

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