Freelance, Baby

You’re all just dying to know what I’ve done these past few days. I won’t starve your officious appetite any longer.

Even if you don’t care, I’m gonna tell you anyway cuz that’s how I roll. Maybe I’m being officious. (Officious–your word of the day. Look it up, I did. That’s why I can’t stop using it.)

After hearing about a couple of writing opportunities from a very nonofficious (or is it unofficious?) friend (who is also my English professor and a fellow writer), I wrote my first freelance article for publication on a website–not telling which one until I know if it’s been accepted. It pays up to $50 per article! Ok, that may not seem like a lot, but it’s better than some–if I get accepted, that is.

I spent several hours on this article. I’m talking major time here people. I have no idea what I’m doing or if I’m doing it correctly. I mean, I’ve read the books. I’ve taken a few classes. I’ve spoken to some folks. But, I don’t really know what I’m doing.

Ahhh. That feels better. Now that you all know my dirty little secret, I feel like we can be friends again.

Anyway, I put in some serious time on this article, got it just how I wanted it, kissed it goodbye, and sent it off into cyberspace with a seven-day response time. I only have 4 days, 17 minutes, and 36 seconds to wait.

4 days, 17 minutes, 30 seconds. (Yep, it took me 6 seconds to type that. I’m bad with the number keys.)

…29 seconds.

…28 seconds.

…27 seconds.

Ok, I’ll stop now.

Seven days is an excellent response time, but still an eternity.

Seconds ticked away as I sat staring at the computer monitor. I got hooked on the idea. I haven’t been rejected yet (or again, rather). I suddenly found all this steam and was raring to go. I spent the rest of the day brainstorming and researching article ideas. I wrote two more articles the next day for the same company. In theory, they should accept at least one of them if they don’t accept all of them, right?

But, I couldn’t just stop there, now could I? I needed more. I’m telling you–I’m hooked people. I’m addicted to writing and I’m loving it. (And I’ll love it even more when I make some moolah at it.)

Finally an addiction that isn’t bad for my health. Maybe just my sanity, but that’s a whole nother can of worms. That’s right, I said ‘a whole nother.’ Don’t like it spell check? Kiss my A-S-S. (I’m such a rebel.)

Back to my story–I started searching other sites I could write for. Having no luck and getting a tad bummed, a light bulb went off. I remembered another website accepting submissions–the online magazine that started as a blog and where I had offered to contribute. Viola! Voila! Problem solved.

This fantastic website doesn’t pay money, but that’s ok. Payment in publication credit will be enough (if it’s accepted, mind you). So now, I’m even looking to publish for ‘free.’ (I’m going to try to not make it a habit though.)

What I’ve learned through this process:

  1. It’s helpful to have a friend who’s an English professor. Or, have an English professor who makes a great friend. (THANK YOU!)
  2. You gotta start somewhere, even if you don’t get paid to work (in this business).
  3. You never know when you will need to use a word like ‘officious.’ Read the dictionary.
  4. I am somewhat codependent. Of course, I’ve already covered writers are selfish and needy.
  5. I’m not very patient. (I knew that already, but thought I’d re-iterate.)

Can you recommend any reputable sites accepting and paying (American dollars) for freelance submissions?

Have you looked up ‘officious’ yet?

How much time do I have left to wait?

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6 thoughts on “Freelance, Baby

  1. Congratulations. The first time for anything is usually the most exciting, though the excitement often carries on to the days that follow.

    Officious is definitely an interesting word. It’s always a good idea to learn and use words in order to get the hang of the proper spelling, pronunciation, and the usage; much the same way as: voilà. (Forgive me if you intentionally meant to reference any of the plants of the genus Viola, or the musical instrument.)

    You may not want to openly share your belief of not knowing what you’re doing, or at least hope that your potential employers don’t have their PR or HR department run a search for you. I won’t make a huge deal about the slang; I’m sure you’ve likely searched the usage rules, already.

    • Thank you for commenting, C.

      You have a good point about openly sharing my belief of not knowing what I’m doing. However, I am writing this blog to ‘talk’ out my experiences and I can’t do that without expressing my feelings, thoughts, and dreams. Surely there are others, even my future employer, who have been where I’m at now.

      Aren’t context clues fantastic? One can decipher the word “viola” even without the accented ‘a,’ which is not found on any keyboard I’ve ever used.

      As for slang usage rules–some rules are “meant to be broken” in order to make writing more personable or believable. Besides, I am writing a blog after all, not a research paper or query letter.

      I appreciate your feedback and thank you for expressing your concerns.

      • You make a valid point on beliefs, but self-doubt has been known to hurt more than egos.

        Context clues are awesome. Voilà the word is French, and to produce the ‘wah’ sound, the O comes before the I.

        Writing, whether it be personal or professional should be taken seriously. Though we tend to overlook mistakes made that only our eyes will ever see, it’s good practice to get into the habit of perfecting our writing so that we don’t need to edit too much when the time comes that the world would like to read, without trying to decipher, what has been written.

      • Touche. 😉 Didn’t catch that one. Thanks!

  2. LOL, Stacie, you sound a tad excited. Good for you, keep those creative juices flowing! 🙂

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